Best Hunting Locations In Alabama

Some Of The Best Hunting Locations In Alabama

Known as one of the premier hunting destinations in the United States, Alabama has a diverse array of habitats that are home to excellent game populations. 

From the pine forests and hardwood bottomlands in the southern part of the state to the Appalachian foothills in the north, hunters can pursue whitetail deer, wild turkey, waterfowl, small game, and more. 

Public hunting lands offer affordable opportunities for both residents and out-of-state hunters, while  professionally managed private hunting plantations provide luxurious Southern hospitality. 

In this guide, we will highlight some of the top public and private land hunting locations that the state of Alabama has to offer. 

Mistaken Identity Vendor Booth for Hunting Safety Alabama
Mistaken Identity Vendor Booth for Hunting Safety Alabama

Public Hunting Lands

With millions of acres of public hunting lands open to sportsmen and women, Alabama provides plenty of excellent hunting opportunities in publicly accessible areas. Here are some of the top public hunting lands found across the state:

Black Warrior Wildlife Management Area

Located in west central Alabama near the city of Moulton, the Black Warrior Wildlife Management Area (WMA) contains over 90,000 acres of public hunting land comprised of pine and hardwood forests, open fields, and wetlands along the Mulberry Fork River.

The combination of habitats at Black Warrior WMA makes it an excellent choice for a variety of games. The extensive forests harbor healthy populations of white-tailed deer and eastern wild turkey. 

The wetlands along the river provide habitat for waterfowl such as ducks, geese, and woodcobes. Small game species like squirrel, rabbit, quail, and dove can be hunted in the forests and fields.

Lake Lowndes WMA

Situated between Montgomery and Selma, the Lake Lowndes Wildlife Management Area encompasses over 10,000 acres open to public hunting. It is comprised of managed fields, pine forests, hardwood bottomlands, and the 518-acre Lake Lowndes.

The habitat diversity at Lake Lowndes makes it an excellent destination for multiple game species. The forests harbor populations of whitetail deer, turkey, squirrel, and rabbit. 

The wetlands surrounding Lake Lowndes are home to significant numbers of waterfowl, especially during the winter months.

Lake Lowndes WMA is arguably the top public hunting location in the state for waterfowl. Several waterfowl impoundments are actively managed by wildlife staff to provide an ideal habitat for migrating ducks and geese. 

Mulberry Fork WMA

Encompassing over 16,000 acres in north central Alabama, the Mulberry Fork WMA offers excellent hunting opportunities in a beautiful setting. Located just west of Birmingham, the landscape consists of forested hills and valleys bisected by the flowing Mulberry Fork River.

The extensive oak and hickory forests interspersed with pine make an ideal habitat for game species like deer, turkey, squirrel, and rabbit. The Mulberry Fork River and its small tributaries also provide fishing opportunities for bass, bream, and catfish.

Mulberry Fork WMA is best known for its hunting of whitetail deer and eastern wild turkey. Mature bucks up to 130 inches frequent the hardwood forests adjacent to the riparian areas. 

James D. Martin-Skyline WMA

The James D. Martin-Skyline WMA is located in northeast Alabama in Jackson County. Encompassing over 60,000 acres, it is the largest public hunting area in the state. 

The terrain consists of upland forest, fields, and wetlands along the Tennessee River and smaller drainages.

With its large acreage, the Martin-Skyline WMA harbors excellent populations of game species. White-tailed deer and wild turkey are abundant across the landscape. 

The fields and agricultural areas hold populations of quail and dove. Waterfowl can be hunted along the Tennessee River and adjacent wetlands.

One of the biggest draws of the Martin-Skyline WMA is the excellent trophy deer hunting. Careful management coupled with moderate hunting pressure has allowed bucks to mature here. 

Upper Delta Wildlife Management Area

Located in central Alabama northeast of Montgomery, the Upper Delta WMA provides over 45,000 acres of public hunting opportunities in the upper coastal plain region. 

It consists primarily of pine forests and mixed pine-hardwood stands. Several small creeks and wetland areas also provide habitat diversity.

Upper Delta WMA has robust populations of game species like deer, turkey, and small game. The predominant pine forests are ideal habitat for whitetail deer. 

Gobblers frequent the mixed forests across the area. Creeks and wetlands hold good numbers of squirrels and rabbits. Quail can also be found in the right habitat.

Old Barn Montgomery USA
Old Barn Montgomery USA

Private Hunting Lands

In addition to public wildlife management areas, Alabama also boasts some of the country’s finest private hunting plantations and ranches. 

These properties feature luxurious lodging, fine dining, expert guides, and intensive habitat and wildlife management programs. Here are some of the top private lands for hunting in Alabama:

Rock Creek Ranch

Nestled in the scenic foothills northeast of Birmingham lies Rock Creek Ranch, one of Alabama’s premier whitetail hunting ranches. 

Encompassing over 10,000 acres of managed hunting land, Rock Creek Ranch contains high-quality deer and turkey habitat, including pine forests, pastures, food plots, and oak ridges.

Whitetail deer hunting is the main draw on the ranch. Through intensive genetic management and habitat improvements, Rock Creek Ranch has produced an incredible trophy deer herd. 

Mature bucks exceeding 150 inches are common. With an ideal buck-to-do ratio, hunters have excellent chances at a true trophy whitetail.

Blue Rock Plantation

Located outside of Camden in the scenic Black Belt region of Alabama, Blue Rock Plantation offers exclusive wing shooting and whitetail hunting on over 7,000 acres of pristine habitat. 

Consisting of agricultural fields, pine forests, hardwood drainages, and ponds, the landscape harbors excellent populations of quail, deer, and turkey.

Blue Rock Plantation provides guided quail hunts with experienced pointing dogs throughout the season. 

The property holds high densities of wild coveys that thrive in the meticulously managed pine savannas and agricultural areas. Quail hunting takes place on foot and horseback.

Animal Display Best Hunting Locations In Alabama
Animal Display Best Hunting Locations In Alabama

Little River Plantation

Boasting over 14,000 acres of diverse hunting terrain, Little River Plantation in southern Alabama provides guided whitetail, turkey, waterfowl, and alligator hunts throughout the season. The landscape consists of pine forests, hardwoods, swamps, lakes, and agricultural fields.

Little River Plantation harbors excellent deer and turkey numbers, with mature bucks up to 160 inches and plenty of vocal gobblers. Strategically placed stand locations allow a range of hunting scenarios from bottomlands to ridge tops.

In addition to deer and turkey, Little River offers specialty hunts that are hard to find elsewhere in the state. Expert guides provide thrilling alligator hunts on the swamps and backwaters of the property. Hunts take place at night when alligators are actively feeding.

Marrion Plantation

Just north of Union Springs lies Marrion Plantation, over 4,000 acres of meticulously managed hunting land and habitat. 

The property consists of agricultural fields, maintained food plots, hardwood forests, pine plantations, and wetlands. This diversity allows for excellent game populations.

Marrion Plantation offers guided trophy deer hunts throughout the season. Hunting takes place from elevated box stands and natural ground blinds placed in key locations. Their deer management program has produced mature bucks up to 170 inches.


Pack your best rifle and shotgun and get ready to hunt in some of the best hunting reserves! With its excellent variety of habitats, from pine forests to wetland swamps, Alabama is able to support robust populations of popular game species. Public hunting lands across the state offer affordable hunting access for deer, turkey, small game, and waterfowl. 

Privately managed hunting plantations and ranches provide luxurious lodging and outstanding success rates for trophy whitetail deer, quail, ducks, and other species. 

Whether hunting public land or booking a guided private land hunt, Alabama offers premier destinations for every hunter. The high-quality game populations and hunting opportunities will continue, making Alabama a top hunting state for years to come. 


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