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How To Clean A Pistol

How To Clean A Pistol Properly

Routine cleaning is part of being a responsible firearm owner. Every gun owner has their own opinion about and how should be performed. Pelican believes in a simple, tried-and-true approach. It’s not necessary to complicate anything! Here’s how you can clean your handgun. This is a guide for basic cleaning. However, it is important to do a deep clean every now and then.

Cotton Swab or Microfiber ClothDisassembled firearm 9mm

Use a cotton swab or a microfiber rag to clean the gun’s surface before using any solvent. You should pay special attention to any small parts and the spring. Use an old toothbrush or a dry brush to remove surface debris. It will remove the loose dirt so your cleaners won’t need to work as hard.

What You Need To Know About Cleaning a 9mm Pistol

You can purchase a gun cleaning kit that is already assembled from a local gun shop. You can also assemble each component individually. Every gun cleaning kit should have a few essential items. Included in this list are:

    • Gun oil is a lubricant
    • Cleaning solvent
    • A bore brush
    • Cleaning rod
    • Flashlight
    • A patch holder with patches
    • A nylon cleaning brush
    • Microfiber cloth
    • Cotton swabs
    • Unload your 9mm pistol

When cleaning your pistol, always be careful when you unload it. Even though you may have removed the magazine from the pistol, there might still be a loaded round in the chamber. You should double check.

Tip Check your pistol’s barrel from the back to the front to make sure there are no rounds in the chamber.

1. Disassemble Your PistolDisassembled firearm

You can find instructions in the manual of your pistol’s manufacturer on how to disassemble it for cleaning. You will only be able to disassemble the pistol to the extent that your manufacturer suggests. By following the instructions, you will be able to clean all parts of the pistol that become dirty during firing.

Fortunately, semiautomatic pistols are easily disassembled to their main components: barrel, magazine and frame.

Note that you do not need to field strip the pistol in order to clean it.

When cleaning your gun, choose a place that is well ventilated. The fumes from cleaning solvents can be poisonous and make you sick. This is why it’s important to have good air circulation. In addition to toxic fumes, solvents and lubricants can smell bad and make you and your family uncomfortable when in enclosed spaces.

Tip In addition to making sure your workspace is well ventilated and covered with a plastic bag or old towel, you may also want to consider using an old towel. The garage door should be up.

2. Soak The Bore

To soak the bore of your pistol, use a patch holder and cotton patches. If possible, work from the rear of the bore. Use a muzzle protector to stop the cleaning rod from hitting the muzzle, which could cause the gun malfunction.

Note: Use the right size cotton patches.

3. Cleaning The Barrel

To clean the barrel, push a patch soaked in solvent through the bore and out the other end.

Tip Remove the patch once it is on the other side. Pulling it back will only redeposit dirt that you have already cleaned.

Remove the patch holder and attach the borebrush. Then, use the brush to scrub the bore in a back-and-forth motion. Reattach the patch holder, and then run solvent-soaked patches on the loose debris.

Removing the cotton patches from the front is important. Repeat this process several times until all cotton patches are removed. After you have finished, use a cotton patch to wipe the bore dry. Check for any buildup.

4. Oil The Barrel

Add a few drops to the cleaning rod. Then, pass it through the bore and leave a thin layer of gun oil.

5. Use Solvent

Add solvent to the gun brush, and then brush the action parts. After you have finished, dry the parts of the action with a clean towel. To prevent rust, lightly lubricate all moving parts. A thick coating will attract dirt and become gummy. Small amounts will go a very long way.

A lustercloth is a flannel that has been treated with silicone lubricant. It removes any debris left behind and adds shine. If you don’t have towels specifically designed for cleaning guns, you can use an old pair of socks or a t-shirt. Use something that you won’t need to reuse.

You’re done, gun lovers. Every gun owner should know how to clean 9mm guns. This will ensure that your 9mm pistol functions and fires safely. Every time you pull the lever, tiny explosions in the chamber leave residue. Clean your pistol after each shot, and especially after target practice.

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