Gun Concealment For Women

Gun Concealment For Women. Tips & Tricks

Everybody has used their purse, bras, corsets, thighs, etc. Let’s look at some tips for women on how to CCW.

Women who work in the firearms industry receive a lot advice.

Some advice, while well-intentioned, is more effective than others.

After a decade or so of being a “gun girl” and , I’ve figured out which advice is good to listen to and what not.

It is my passion to share this information with other women!

Today we will explore concealed carry from the perspective of a woman. We’ll go over the different places and ways to carry a weapon on your body, and we’ll look at some holsters that you might want to consider (and others to avoid).

You’ll know by the end of this guide what gear exists and whether it’s worth spending your hard-earned money on.

Women’s Concealed Carry

What works for one may not work for someone else. Just because a woman cannot make a holster function, doesn’t mean it won’t work for you. Concealed carry involves trial-and-error to find out what suits your body type and lifestyle. It’s ok to try several methods before you find one that works. Don’t give up or get discouraged when it comes to guns. You can do it!


Although a great deal of our clothing is suitable for CCW — hello florals and prints — not all fashion comes with CCW-ready designs.

The fabrics used in women’s clothing are usually lighter, which isn’t the best for concealment. Pants without pockets or belt holes are also a problem.

Don’t even get me started with dresses, skirts and pantsuits.

Your concealed carry setup should reflect the diversity of women’s fashion.

You’ll need to buy a few holsters that you can switch out depending on your outfit. Women’s clothing should have more pockets.

When wearing jeans, I carry my AIWB with a Dark Star Gear Orion Holster. As a lady going out on a date in a dressier outfit, I may switch to an ankle or belly band.

It gives me the flexibility to use what I already have in my closet.


You’ve come to the right place if you wear jeans or pants with belts regularly!

IWB and AIWB rely on a belted pant and a gun belt to function well. You can find some great gun belt recommendations here.

Continue reading to find out more.


The holster is placed between your beltline and the of your pants. The holsters are available in a variety of materials, including leather, Kydex or polymer-injected plastic, fabric, and even hybrid (a mixture of fabric and Kydex/plastic).

IWBs are by far the most popular concealed carry styles for men and women.


It is very comfortable and conceals the gun well…especially for women.

Women are often better off moving their gun to the back of the hip. This is usually around 4 or 5 o’clock.

It is also more comfortable because it has a softer, less bony feel. The gun can be placed behind the hip to take advantage of the natural curves.

The curves can go a long ways in hiding a weapon.

IWB and small of the back are not the same thing. The gun is carried over your spine when you use SOB.

DO NOT recommend this method of carrying a gun as it could cause serious damage to your spine and back if you accidentally fall on the weapon. It’s also difficult to pull your gun if you are fighting on your back.

People who SOB tend to also flag themselves at the draw. Let’s avoid that.

IWB is the best option for most women if they are looking to conceal their breasts.

IWB has a downside: the draw requires that you twist just a little in order to reach the weapon, especially if you have it placed further back.

It may take some time to become familiar with this.

You can find our preferred brands of here.

Patterns can be used to break up printing. Add some polka dot, floral, and plaid into the mix!

AIWB – Appendix Inside The Waistband

AIWB is a subset of IWB. However, it differs from IWB in its location. AIWB is Appendix inside the Waistband. The gun is located…well, right over the appendix.

You can use it anywhere between your hip bone and your navel. You’ll need to experiment with the location of the tattoo and find what works best for you.

Some women carry their bags more in the middle, while others prefer to carry them just above their hip. It all depends on how it feels.

AIWB is more comfortable for some women than IWB, because the gun presses on your soft parts and notSmall Black Gun Glock 45 Pistol your bony ones. You don’t need to reach as far.

AIWB is also a great way to conceal certain body shapes.

What’s the downside? You might find it difficult to sit, depending on the type of body you have, and that metal feels uncomfortable on your stomach.

There’s something called ‘gun dick.

When your pants are just a little bit too tight and your gun muzzle looks like…well, I think you get the picture.

If your stomach looks bulky after adding a gun, holster and belt, you can rotate the belt so that the buckle is on the other hip. This will balance the beltline, and allow clothes to be laid more evenly.

OWB – Outside The Waistband

The placement of the gun outside the waistband is similar to IWB, but the gun is placed on the outside the pants side that you prefer.

This style works well for when you are on the range or carrying it around the house. It also looks great in winter when wearing a coat or jacket.

The gun is positioned in this way so that there are less layers to battle with. is a quick and easy way to access your gun.

This style is also very comfortable, cozy. This is because the gun is on the outside, so there are no metal parts that rub your body in strange ways.

It can be difficult for some people to hide well with every outfit.

You can start by carrying OWB in your home. This will help you get familiar with the gun. You can then move to IWB.

I prefer Comp-Tac for OWB. Also, Bravo Concealment and Raven Concealment.

Pro tip: OWBs are great for winter. OWB is a great alternative to the IWB! Snow bunny meets concealment!

Check out our IWB vs. OWB comparison to learn more about OWB.


We have some alternatives for professional clothing without belt loops.

Thigh Carry/Ankle carry

Dresses or skirts require a different type of carry, since there is no beltline to attach a holster.

When I am wearing a skirt or a dress, I use thigh carrying or ankle carrying.

These holsters are designed to wrap around your leg, and they secure themselves. These holsters have a small pocket to hold the gun.

This style works best with small and compact guns.

does not allow you to move when drawing from a thigh rig or an ankle rig. This is a major flaw in this design.

I recommend the Concealed Thigh Holster for shorter skirts and dresses.

I use a bear Armz Tactical Ankle Rig for longer skirts/dresses/jumpers.

Be sure to measure the length of your leg before you order a thigh holster or an ankle holster. A holster that is too small will slip.

Check out our article for more information on ankle carrying!

Belly Bands

Belly bands can also be used to wear shorts, leggings/yoga pants, without belt loops.

The belly band is secured to the body with Velcro, snaps/hooks or hooks.

Some styles have a fabric belly band, whereas others, such as the Modular Crossbreed Belly Band offer a Kydex holster with a fabric belt.

Many holsters offer at least one place to carry the firearm and even an extra pocket for extras such as a spare magazine or knife.

What is the advantage of these? You can carry with no belt.

Some models have a lot of pockets so you can carry things other than guns, like chapstick and IDs.

It’s a downside that these belly bands get hot in the summer and I tend to sweat a lot. Sweat causes the belly band to twist ever so slightly.

It is necessary to visit the bathroom more often to make sure it remains where I want.

I like Can can Concealed Hip Hugger, and crossbreed modular belly band.

You can play with the placement and turn your holster a quarter-inch to find it perfect.

Corset Holsters

Corset holsters are similar to belly bands, but they use a corset in place of the band.

The holsters are often decorated with lace, giving them a sexy appearance.

This style can be hot, sweaty especially during the summer. It was like being in a hot sauna.

Corsets are also less forgiving when it comes down to sizing. This might not be the right option if your weight fluctuates over the course of the year.

You’ll also want to research the materials used to determine if you can pull the trigger through the fabric.

Both petite and standard corset styles are available. Make sure to get one that has trigger protection.

If possible, buy an extender to fit your corset. You can still use the holster if you gain a few lbs.

Bra Holsters

It’s not a secret. The bra holster allows you to carry a gun on your breast.

This style allows for a method of concealment that is deep and only permits the carrying of small firearms.

It is worth mentioning that the size of your bust, body type, and bra style all play a VERY BIG role in this.

Women with small chests have complained of printing problems, while women with short waists complain that the grip on their gun pokes their abdomen.

Boob Sweat is. You may find that you wipe down your gun more often than with other methods of carrying.

You’ll have to practice drawing and reholstering the weapon since the situation is different.

It is important to be careful when reholstering so that you do not accidentally flag yourself.

Stick to flashbang for holsters. They have Kydex clamshells that cover the trigger and secure the gun.

Pro tip: Buy a bra that has a middle band with strength to support your gun.


Clothing holsters are best worn on the soccer pitch or when you’re running to Starbucks.

Clothing holsters are apparel that has an integrated gun holster. Leggings is the most common form.

The UnderTech UnderCover is one of the first companies that innovated in the leggings industry. But more companies are now on board.

Alexo Athletica, for example, offers leggings and shorts as well as skirts and an all-day pants, all of which have an integrated holster.

You’ll want to Think Small when choosing a clothing holster. However, not all of them come with a trigger guard.

What does it mean?

The trigger area is unsecure. Anything that interacts with this space could result in an ND.

Companies like Alexo, however, offer a small compartment forward of the gun’s pocket. The pocket has a space where a credit card can be inserted, blocking the trigger.

Check out the safety and limitations of apparel holsters.

Remember that clothing holsters and clothing are the same thing. If you are unsure, measure the item before purchasing.


Purse carrying is just what it sounds like. It involves concealing a firearm in your purse.

This is the truth. I don’t support this way of carrying. This style of carry presents greater risk than on-body carrying.

It is important to note that I am aware that not every woman has the opportunity to work from home in a company which supports guns.

Let’s discuss purse carrying.

If you choose this option, make sure to pick a bag that is designed for purse carrying. This means that it has a pocket, or an integrated holster to secure your firearm.

DO NOT put a gun in your regular purse.

Unsecured firearms are extremely dangerous. This prevents you from accessing your gun quickly, allows junk to get into the barrel or the action and increases the chance of something tragic occurring.

Buy a purse that is designed for concealed carry.

Second, if you carry a purse, ALWAYS have it with you. Always. Always.

Don’t put it in your shopping cart, or slide it onto the back of the chair when you are at a restaurant. Do not leave your phone in the car with your children.

To prevent theft and little hands from finding your gun, you should always keep it in your possession.

You can find them at gun Tote’N Mamaschameleon bags.

Pro Tip: Shop around! Not all gun purses look like gun purses. As long as it has a separate compartment for the gun, you are good to go!

How to choose a women’s holster

Many marketing campaigns in the gun industry focus on making women’s gear look feminine or sexy.

Safety and accessibility are more important than being feminine. My Sephora and Ulta reward cards can attest to this.

When selecting a holster I look at a few factors that will indicate if it is a quality holster.

A good holster should do the following things:

  • Keep the gun in its place until you draw it
  • How to prevent the gun from firing while it is in the holster
  • Always hold the gun at the same angle and orientation
  • The gun should be able to fire with a full grip

A good holster will also be durable and well-made.

You’re my friend, so I’ll tell you a secret. Holsters are expensive.

I know. You just spent a few hundreds on a firearm…now, I tell you to take a look at an $80-holster. It’s worth the money!

I have spent a great deal of time trying out holsters. There are enough to fill a full drawer and two storage bins in a dresser.

When it comes to holsters you get what you paid for.

Spend the money on a quality holster. You will get better value for money, have more peace of mind and a better experience concealing your weapon.

Find the right belt

Your belt is a key factor in concealment if you choose a holster which requires a belt.

If it’s too bulky, you will look fat in the middle. If the belt is too thin, the gun can rotate.

You have to be Goldilocks and find the perfect belt.

Some gun belts are more comfortable for me than others due to my bony hips. Traditional leather gun belts dig into my hips, and leave welts.

Nylon belts, on the other hand tend to be flexible enough to fit around the hip and still provide the structure needed to hold a firearm.

The Volund Gearworks Atlas belt, the NexBelt and 5.11 Tactical Athena Belt are some of my favorites.


What’s the best carry for a woman?

Although I’d love to be able to offer you a single carry method that works for all women, I can’t. Each woman’s body and lifestyle are unique, so each concealed carry setup is different.

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