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You probably already know the importance of self-defense liability protection (legal).

You should seriously consider getting legal protection, but the toughest part is choosing from all of the concealed carry options available.

The fine print in actual policies can make all the difference. Each company offers a different level of protection and type.

How do you decide which ccw policy is best for your situation, given all the options and legal jargon? Let us give you the run down.

Best CCW InsuranceBest Concealed Carry Insurance

This is a summary of the 6 best concealed carry insurance options. It’s for those who want a quick comparison and are just looking to find out which CCW option is the most effective.

If you would like to know more about each provider (including their specifications and details), we have a CCW insurance review that covers each of them individually.

Note from the Editor: It is difficult (impossible?) It is very difficult (impossible?) for us to decide which option “best” suits you and your situation/needs. Just as I cannot determine the level of homeowners insurance coverage that you require, I also can’t advise you on which legal protection option you should choose. In an effort to simplify, I will say that I purchased CCW Safe both for myself and my entire family.

Best Concealed Carry Insurance Reviews

We will review each of the companies’ offerings and tell you which one is the best.

This comparison will help you to learn more about:

  • Rankings of the best concealed carry insurance
  • Compare CCW Insurance Options
  • Who is covered by concealed carry insurance?
  • Three important things to consider when buying CCW insurance
  • Answers for Frequently Asked questions about CCW Insurance

Top 7 Self-Defense Liability Insurance Providers

  • CCW Safety
  • Right to Bear
  • Second call defense
  • Firearms Legal Protection
  • Armed Citizens Legal Defense Network
  • US Law Shield

Companies that haven’t made the cut:

  • X Insurance
  • Carry guard
  • Lockton Affinity

Note that most of these plans are not “insurance”, but rather pre-paid legal protection or liability plans for self-defense.

It can be difficult to compare these two companies, even with my experience as an attorney specializing in firearms and as a licensed agent of insurance. There are so many differences between them.

Here are three “must-haves” for coverage.

The Ability to Choose Your Own Attorney You must be able choose the best lawyer you can for your defense. I will not recommend any service that forces you to use the attorney of their choice.

Money up front: The ability to receive your legal insurance money upfront, rather than only through reimbursement, is an important deal. Most people find it difficult to pay a few hundred thousands of dollars in legal fees and then hope to be reimbursed.

Daily allowance / Per diem: Covering your legal costs should be your top priority. How will you pay your bills if you can’t earn money while on trial? We recommend a firm that pays you daily “Per Diems” while you are on trial.

CCW Safe ReviewBest Concealed Carry Insurance Reviews

CCW Safe, also known as “firearms protection”, is a great option for CCW Insurance. I personally and my family chose CCWSafe and this is my number one recommendation.

CCW Safe is the company you should also choose if you are unsure which one to choose, and if legal protection (rather than training, for instance) is important to you.

Why we liked CCW Safe:The main reason we like CCW Safe is that they cover certain legal costs upfront and in full.

They cover 100 % in advance of costs such as:

  • Criminal Defense
  • Civil Defense
  • Administrative Defense
  • Private Investigators
  • Expert Witness Coverage

Many people are focused on their unlimited coverage for criminal and civil defense (and that’s a good thing), but they don’t take into account the cost of private investigators or expert witnesses.

Bail bond coverage is another cost that you should consider. It will be important for you to have this type of insurance if needed. CCW Secure offers the maximum amount of $500,000, with an option to upgrade it to $1 million.

CCW Safe has the “Ultimate CCW Plan” which covers me and my wife in 47 states, as well as my entire family at home.

CCW Summary After comparing the coverage and cost of other companies, I decided to purchase The Ultimate Plan through CCWSafe on behalf of myself and my entire family. I’m not sure if they are right for you but I’m happy to recommend them.

USCCA Review

The United States Concealed Carry Association has the highest cost per month, but members receive a lot of benefits, including an online training library, a checklist, guides and even a concealed carry monthly magazine.

USCCA is the best choice if you want to get additional resources, such as training in addition to your legal coverage.

Which plan should I choose? I would pick their lowest tier because all plans offer the same legal protection!

Please read our USCCA review to find out more about their coverage and membership.

Right To Bear ReviewSmall Conceal Carry Gun

Palmetto State Armory offers Right to Bear Cw Insurance, one of the latest options.

Right to Bear is the best budget option if you want to get great legal protection on a tight budget.

Read our Right to Bear Insurance Review to learn more.

Second Call Defense Review

Second Call Defense offers the lowest-tier insurance option among these concealed carry providers. It only offers $10,000 in criminal defense coverage and does not include civil defense.

Second Call Defense’s low price might tempt you, but you should really be considering their higher tiers. Note that the limits of Second Call Defense are the lowest in the group.

Second Call Defense, despite their lower coverage amounts is the only CCW insurance provider that meets all three of our cow insurance guidelines. You get to choose your attorney, get money up front and get per diems during the trial.

Second Call Defense Review : Read more about Second Call Defense.

Firearms Legal Protection REVIEW

Firearms Legal Protection was the latest addition to this list, and I found it difficult to decide where they should be ranked.

They are good in some areas, for instance their coverage of unlimited legal defense for criminal and civil cases and their coverage (in the premium plans) of extras such as bail and expert witness.

They are lacking in two areas: they do not allow you to choose your own lawyer and they do not offer civil damages protection.

You can read our full Firearms Legal Protection Review to find out more.


Lockton Affinity, a large insurer that offers many excellent products. We recommend their FFL business insurance.

We hope that their new concealed carry coverage will be improved.

We can’t recommend these products for the following reasons:

  • Criminal Defense Coverage is only reimbursed
  • The coverage is low (in comparison to other companies).
  • Coverage limits are exceeded by the daily per diem amount

Check out the full Lockton Affinity Insurance Review to learn more about coverage.

US Law Shield Review

U.S. Law Shield is a great product. They offer the lowest rates and unlimited coverage.

No per diem and no free choice of your own attorney will knock them out of our running for the recommended concealed carry insurance.

This is unfortunately a deal-breaker. It won’t do any good to pay a bad lawyer a lot of cash.


X insurance has been the worst coverage that we have seen to date.

We do not recommend X Insurance as a CCW insurance provider.

Check out our Insurance Review for more information on why these companies did not make it to our list.


Carry Guard, a product of the NRA, is no longer an option.

Carry Guard was introduced by the NRA in 2017, but it has been discontinued in 2019 because of numerous lawsuits and problems with state regulatory agencies.

We recommend CCWSafe if you are looking for Carry Guard but want to know what to buy instead.


You can choose your attorney and pay low monthly fees. The coverage is unlimited (up to the limit described below). Even without the per diem, these stats make them a viable legal protection option.

I would suggest that you look at the options higher on this list.

There’s also a small print in their coverage of unlimited legal protection for firearms: they cover only up to half their defense fund. The defense fund can currently cover more than other fixed amounts, but this may not be the case if you need criminal defense protection.



When choosing the best concealed carry insurance, there are many factors to consider. It is essential that you determine the features which are most suitable for you.

Here are the key features of each group we have recommended.

The three most important things that CCW insurance should have

It is not enough to have “CCW Insurance”.

You need to make sure that your ccw insurance includes these three features:

  1. You can choose your own lawyer
  2. Cash upfront
  3. Per diem during trial

How to Choose Your Own Attorney

You don’t need me to be your criminal defense lawyer.

I am an lawyer. I am an attorney who specializes in firearms laws. My last exposure to criminal law occurred in a classroom at law school. I can assure you that neither of us wants me to represent your criminal defense case.

Some CCW insurers will only cover you if you hire an attorney that they choose. Avoid this. Get an attorney you trust, who is the best one you can find. You will never have to worry if the attorney is doing what’s best for you or what’s cheapest for your insurance provider.

Get your money up front

It’s better than doing nothing, but you’ll still have to deal with the pain and costs of the whole process.

If you had to sell everything you owned to pay for a trial, it would have been nice to get reimbursed. But wouldn’t having to raise hundreds and thousands of dollars yourself have been more preferable? It would have been better to not have had to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars on your own.

Earn a per diem during a trial

You may also lose income if, during the trial period, you lose your employment.

It’s great to have your legal costs covered, but it doesn’t cover your mortgage payments or allow you to support your family while a case is in progress. Consider a CCW option if you can afford it. This will give you a daily allowance (per diem) for the duration of a trial.


What is “CCW”?

CCW is an acronym for Concealed Carry Weapon. It refers to the act of concealing a weapon on one’s person.

There are many reasons to carry a gun with you, not just for self-defense. We’ll discuss what CCW is, how to do it legally, and some tips for if this is something you want to do!

A concealed handgun is a great way to protect yourself and your family against the evil in the world. This handgun will be your hidden weapon and give you the upper-hand if you are attacked.


They carry concealed weapons while camping or while running outside in order to protect themselves from the unknown. It is important to have insurance coverage, even though it’s considered self-defense. Concealed carry is important because self-defense laws are expensive and complex. If you are caught using your gun for self-defense and do not cooperate with police, then you may be faced with legal costs, court dates, or criminal charges. Concealed carry can help cover legal fees and provide information about the legal process. It can even give you an attorney.

It can be difficult to select the best CCW insurance. There are many different options available. We’ll explain why it is important to review the answers to common questions and give you five reasons for choosing our concealed carry coverage.

Does the law require insurance for concealed carry?

In most states, there is no requirement that you purchase this kind of protection. It’s important to think about the potential consequences of owning a gun.

  • Income lost while in custody due to a self-defense encounter
  • Bail amounts for firearm offenses are often high.
  • Payment of court costs or fees
  • Retaining a criminal defense lawyer
  • Civil litigation is a complex area of law.

You’re more likely to be responsible for these costs if you don’t have adequate liability insurance.

What is the cost of concealed carry insurance?

Concealed Carry Insurance can cost between $12 and $49.50 per month depending on your coverage and the company you choose.

How much will it cost you to defend yourself if you are shot?

If you lose your civil case, you may be facing a judgement of at the very least 500,000.

What is the best insurance for concealed carry?

See our list above!

How can I obtain a permit for concealed carry (CCW)?

You’ll have to check your state laws for gun permits, but you can find some general guidelines below.

Take a Concealed Carry Course

Apply for a Job

Maintain your license & training current

What is the best gun to carry concealed?

It is important to note that the most popular concealed carry calibers, such as 9mm,.45 ACP.40 S&W.380 ACP and.38 Special, are well-suited and proven for self-defense. What about.22 LR and.22 Magnum? The.22 caliber is great for ammo cost and recoil control, but it’s not the best self-defense gun.

Does Concealed Carry Insurance Make Sense?

Yes. Legal fees can pile up and resources aren’t available immediately. Bail, attorney fees and other costs can easily cost more than $10,000 for small cases that are dropped before trial. Even a murder charge that is deemed serious enough to warrant a trial can cost more than $500,000. Insurance can be very costly in these situations.

Even those who believe they are within their rights to use a gun to defend themselves can face legalities which could lead to financial ruin. Bonds can reach over $500,000 in cases of murder based on self-defense. And that’s even before the trial.

It is important to have coverage in order to avoid these court appearances and costs. This insurance can provide you with a critical response group, help in finding a lawyer for self-defense, additional assistance with the police department and assistance to get the charges dropped (if there is sufficient evidence of self-defense).

Most people find it difficult, and some even impossible, to afford this type of legal protection on their own. It is important to have concealed carry insurance.

What is the value of concealed carry insurance?

The Concealed Carry Laws Limits

concealed carrier insurance is not as generous for its members as many policies and companies. You should be aware of these limitations before purchasing a policy.

Even insurance providers who support the Second Amendment both in their actions and business models, are businesses. They have limits to what they will do for their clients. It is worth thinking about these limits before you make a purchase. Here are a few of the most common and important:

Intoxication or drugs

Some insurance companies will refuse to represent clients who can prove that they were intoxicated, or under the influence illegal drugs when using a gun. This is true even if it was a case of self defense.

If you intend to conceal carry a gun and you have insurance, it is best that you stay away from substances. It is usually a good idea to do this anyway, since you’ve probably already attested on your Form 4473 that you don’t drink excessively or use drugs.

Premeditated crimes

These policies all have a very clear purpose: to protect clients from criminal charges arising out of self-defense or, in some instances, accidental shootings. This is obviously a different set of circumstances from, say, the long-term planning of and execution of violent crimes.

Your concealed carry insurance may wish you luck and refund your current monthly premium if the prosecutor can prove that you committed a premeditated crime, such as first-degree murder.

Pre-Emptive State Laws

USCCA states such as New York or Washington have passed laws that make all insurance in their state invalid. This means, if you have defended yourself by using your Second Amendment rights, you may need to pay for the legal fees yourself, or use fundraising instead of insurance. It is a waste to buy CCW insurance if you live in an unaffordable state.

Limits of Liability

Each policy that we examined in order to research this article had a dollar limit for the coverage. , while some of these limits were high, it is possible that criminal cases could exceed the costs listed in the policy. If that were to happen, you would be responsible for any additional costs required to resolve the case. Civil suits can result in penalties that are often millions of dollars, not to mention legal fees. This is a legitimate concern.

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