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Holosun’s Hybrid Thermal and Night Vision Prototype

Holosun’s Hybrid Thermal and Night Vision Red Dots are Promising

Holosun surprised us with a brand-new pair of prototype optics at this year’s Industry at the Range Day at SHOT Show. The DRS family also includes a night-vision optic and a thermal optical. Holosun informed us that the DMS optics would be launched under the DRS, or Digital Reflex Sight.

These new hybrid optical systems integrate digital and thermal night vision overlays along with a red-dot. I wasn’t able to use the thermal optic DRS-TH on a gun, but it was attached to the optical.

The TH Pro and the NV PRO will both be powered by internal lithium 18350 batteries. The DRS-TH standard will be powered by a 18350 battery and will have a battery lifetime of up to 10 hrs., while the TH Pro with two batteries will have a battery lifespan of 20 hrs.

The sensor resolution for the DRS-TH is 256×192. For the TH Pro, which we tested, it was 384×288. Even on a cold and windswept range, the DRS-TH pro showed well defined signatures. The DRS-TH has white hot, black heat, highlight, outline, and fusion modes.

It wasn’t ideal to test the DRS NV under bright Nevada sunlight. The image was dull, but the targets were still easily identifiable.

The DRS-NV is equipped with a digital camera with a resolution 1024×768, a clear image and a quick refreshHolosun's Hybrid Thermal and Night Vision Prototype rate. This allowed for smooth transitions between targets. The 8x digital lens provided a good sight picture, with a bit of extra blur when zoomed to maximum.

The DRS-NV will be powered by a single 18350 battery for a battery life of around 2.5 hours. While the NV Pro has a battery life of 5 hours with two batteries.

The NV, like the DRS-TH will come in two versions, regular and Pro, with the Pro featuring a larger sensor. Holosun has not yet set a firm MSRP, but expects the NV to retail for about $1000. The TH is expected to retail for $1600 while the Pro will be $2300.

A neat feature that the DRS-NV & TH have is the ability to record videos and photos. These can then be downloaded via the USB-C port located on the right-hand side of the optical. Users can also stream live footage from an optic to a second screen via the USB-C port, enabling some exciting applications.

Holosun is still working on the final designs and features that will be in the DRS optical system. It’s difficult to predict what the refined final form of the DRS will offer, but at first glance they certainly look like an exciting new option for the thermal and the night vision market.

DRS optics are a great way to get into thermal imaging and night vision for those who’ve never tried it before. When they are expected to be released in Q4 2023, we look forward seeing more.

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Holosun's Hybrid Thermal and Night Vision Prototype Close Up

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